Welcome to 510 Hikers!

At 510 Hikers our mission is to offer weekly hiking and outdoor fun activities across the best trails in the Bay Area. Our goal is to create this interconnected community made up of people from all sorts of backgrounds with all sorts of experiences. By doing so, we believe it creates this platform where people can mix and share and mingle and converse and even grow all while exercising and doing something healthy together. The weekly hikes typically range between seven and ten miles and are usually completed within three hours. So, we welcome you to come for the hikes but stay for the community connection. Whether you come to chill, meet new people and enjoy the peace nature offers or the you come for challenge and strength building of hill hiking, we have something for you. We offer group events as well. Find us on Facebook or Instagram at 510 Hikers!!

Don't wait for "the feeling" or "the time to be right." No need to wait for your husband to be off work or your sister to be in town. Simply come, engage and participate with a receptive spirit, you might just surprise yourself, you might feel like you have found a place, where you belong. 510 Hikers was founded on the principle of holistic community wellness. We are a proudly black-owned business with a mission to break down the barriers that prevent communities of color from accessing health and fitness services. Our executive board and our membership is comprised of yoga enthusiasts, nutritionists, health coaches, and more: committed to aiding you and your families every step of the way!